"Rather to fail by honor than to succeed by fraud."


We at Bob's Custom Paint and Remodel know that your home is most likely one of your biggest investments, and we refuse to take your kitchen, bath, or any other part of your home and cheapen its quality and lessen its value. Being in the cabinet finishing business since 1973, I have personally seen a lot of corners cut in the name of business. Most of the older houses were truly built to higher standards, and the cabinets of the 50's and 60's were truly custom built. True custom cabinets are all but gone, replaced by the mass-produced particle-board cabinets of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. The true "custom built by the inch for your wall" are now found in less than 15% of the homes being built; as such, you should really think twice before trading in the old for the new. Before you decide on a complete "remodel," we strongly encourage you to consider looking into updating your existing cabinetry. We can certainly update your cabinets, but we refuse to lessen the quality of your home.

As for painting, it seems that almost all painters claim the title of "custom painter" regardless of the quality they produce in their work. I have been painting since 1973. I learned to paint in the midwest, which means that woodwork finish was (and is) a must. We had to take our wood trim (windows, doors, crown, base, including cabinets) and apply a lacquer or alkyd oil finish to match the finest furniture finishes. This meant that all woodwork throughout the house had not only a beautiful finish, but also a very strong protective coating which a homeowner could count on to last for many, many years.We would never have considered putting a latex paint on our trim then (or now). The new world of "anyone can paint" is simply a big lie. The claim that "anyone can paint" is as ridiculous as "anyone can build." I may not be a builder, but I can deliver a quality paint job that would complement and bolster an honest builder's reputation.

Over the years, I have watched a great many jobs go by, and a large majority of deceptive salesmen. My crew and I have even gone and fixed several jobs that had been improperly performed the first time. We have kept our schedules on time as much as possible, to the amazement of most of our clients, even when some just kept adding on more work! We do not like being lied to, and and certainly do not like this practice; we know that we can offer you a fair and honest deal by improving your home as best we can, under the circumstances we have to work with. After a contractor leaves your home, just remember that there really is "no place like home," and that there is simply no compromise for true quality. We feel so strongly about this that, sadly, it means that we are not for everybody.

We would very much welcome and appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust!

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Call us at (757)851-9618. We look forward to hearing from you!

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