If you are building a new house or are simply buying a new older home, try and remember that the cost to paint prior to the move-in should always be considered first. The average builder has not shouldered this burden because of the intense decorating decisions and the actual cost of a real long-lasting paint job. Some decisions are based solely on competition and unfortunately this is often one of them (that is, if a builder feels that he can get away with a substandard paint job--or that the new homeowner may not notice--he may be inclined to cut costs in this area).

If the luxurious beauty of a long-lasting paint job can’t be figured in before the move-in because of cost, know that the average homeowner will usually have to settle for an unprofessional, mediocre  look for as long as they live in their new home for this very same reason. The average builder or homeowner who could not budget this cost in when there was no carpet/hardwood/tile floors or even blinds and curtains etc. will not even fathom the immense cost they have added by moving in with all their furniture as well as having to paint under these circumstances. This is why you get the builder-grade paint jobs, which are basically cheap primed walls/unpainted ceilings and low-grade trim work that were never meant to last. Many builders feel that the homeowner will paint later and unfortunately they are usually done very cheaply or not at all. If you are a home-buyer, it's important to remember that the best time to do as much of this work as possible is before you move in, and if your builder does not offer this, remember that you will be the one who has to live with his decisions.

So, what steps do custom painters take when they perform a job? We feel it's very important that home-buyers have this information, so that they can ask their builder if the paint job that they are getting is truly a custom-quality job that is meant to last, or a lesser "builder-grade" installation. If you are building a home, or are a custom home-builder, there are a few things regarding the painting of a home that are worth emphasizing, especially as it has always been known that the painter can make or break a builder.

In painting, there are well-established steps that must be followed for a long-lasting finish. Unfortunately, it looks as though these proven methods don't seem to matter anymore. The new world of "anyone can paint" is really nothing more than a big lie. The homeowner trusts you as their builder to deliver a product they can depend on, with real quality. Most people will have one major investment throughout their lives, and that is their home. It is a shame that the large majority of the new, expensive custom homes sport paint jobs that don't even rate any better than track houses. Every home that is to be considered "custom" should be given a truly custom paint job. It's worth remembering that there is no real compromise for real quality, and in the long run, you do get what you pay for.

The basic procedure that we adhere to consists of the following (click each to reveal the steps involved):

It should be noted that all of the above includes a process of a major sweep for dust, as well as extensive cover-up of all glass, counters, door hinges, etc., which must be taped off for a custom finish.

The procedures outlined above are recognized as custom painting procedures for a top-notch paint job. Adhere to them, and your custom homes will have the look that most homeowners are trusting you to give them.

Regardless of which company you end up selecting to perform your painting, at least be sure you are getting the quality that is consistent with an honest builder's reputation.

If you are a professional home-builder, give us a call—we welcome the opportunity to work with you in exceeding your client's expectations!

If you are a home-buyer, give us a call, too—we welcome the opportunity to work with you in exceeding your expectations!

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