Kitchen remodeling is one of Bob's specialties!

Perhaps you just want your kitchen cabinets refinished? Or would you really rather have your entire existing kitchen gutted and completely remodeled from the ground up? Either way (and for everything in between), Bob and his team have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to reality.

Depending on your budget, chances are that we have a spot for you—everything from a minor kitchen remodel (for example, stripping and refinishing your existing kitchen cabinets), to major kitchen remodeling projects (and anything in between) as outlined in the "Cost vs. Value" section on this page.


Looking to have your entire kitchen remodeled? Bob and his team have you covered.

Here's a sampling of Bob's services:

  • Getting rid of blind corners (to maximize space utilization)
  • Selection and upgrade/installation of cabinets
  • Selection and installation of countertops
  • Selection and installation of flooring
  • Selection and installation of appliances
  • Removal or modification of existing walls
  • Re-wiring electrical lines to accommodate new appliance layouts
  • Modification of existing plumbing to accommodate new kitchen layout

Deciding to have your entire kitchen remodeled is a big decision, and it can feel overwhelming, given the wide variety of tasks involved (and knowing that part of your home will be a construction site for a while!). Working in close consultation with you, Bob and his team can turn the entire process into a turnkey operation—the deep knowledge and experience that Bob and his team bring to their flooring, cabinet and painting work will be focused on a single goal: realizing your vision for your new kitchen, with as little fuss as possible!

Did you know that homeowners typically recoup a substantial percentage of the cost of a kitchen remodel when they sell their homes? That's an important fact to consider when deciding on a kitchen remodel—and it makes sense, given that the kitchen is often cited as one of the biggest things that sells any given home (ask any real estate professional).

On this page, we've included information on the cost vs. value for kitchen remodeling (see item 1 in the "Answers to Some Frequently-Asked Kitchen Remodeling Questions" section below), with cost figures provided for minor and major remodeling projects, in both mid and upscale ranges. As you examine those figures, keep in mind that this is one area where a remodeler's experience makes a particularly big difference—in Bob's case, his 30 (and counting) years of experience often means that you'll get many of the features typically associated with an "upscale" remodel, but at a cost that is closer to a "midrange" price point! That's one of Bob's strongest skills—knowing exactly how to use your hard-earned money to get you an upscale look and features at a good mid-range price!

We specialize in cabinet touch-ups, refinishing, replacement doors and solid-surface countertops, as well as the reliable laminates.


High-end cabinets
When the cabinet finish is worn to the point that it can no longer be touched-up, the best alternative is to strip and refinish. All doors and frames are refinished to the color of your choice: wood stains, bleached or painted.

When you wish to change the appearance of the kitchen without the expense of replacing the entire cabinet, replacing the doors and drawer fronts is your answer. There is a wide variety of styles and species of wood to match your framework. In most cases, older cabinets are of higher-quality than that of the store-bought cabinets of today!

We can build all-wood cabinets to match your existing cabinetry at a reasonable cost. Rollout drawers and garbage can rollouts are also available.

We can remove your old countertops and install new laminate, solid-surface, Corian®, Quartz®, Silestone®, or even granite countertops (as well as many others), with your choice of colors and a variety of edge profiles to choose from. And of course, all the work will be performed by certified fabricators and installers. For an informative overview of the different countertop material options available, check out section 6 below ("The Pros and Cons of Different Countertops"), which contains information provided by interior designer Tammy Franklin, and is reproduced here with permission.

Vinyl, tile, laminate, as well as hardwood. Check out our Custom Flooring page for more details.

Didn't see a particular service you were interested in? Call us at (757)851-9618, and ask!

Be sure to check out examples of our work (including several "before and after" photos) in the photo gallery.


Deciding to remodel your kitchen is a big decision, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the questions surrounding it:

  • Should I rip out my old kitchen cabinets and start from scratch, or refinish and restore the existing ones?
  • Will the expense involved be worth it--how much will a remodeled kitchen add to the overall value of the home?
  • What materials and procedures are best for the job?
  • How much time should I expect the work to take, and what is the sequence of events during a typical remodeling job?
  • How much should I budget to remodel my kitchen?

Click on each numbered section below for answers. Want more information? Call Bob (757-851-9618) with your questions, or to set up a personal presentation; he will be happy to supply you with an informational booklet containing the data provided here.

Call Bob at (757)851-9618, and put his experience to work for you.

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